Caelum Project

Inheritance solution for Everyone

Caelum Digital Inheritance

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Caelum Blockchain

Self improving blockchain for better future

Digital Inheritance

Digital Inheritance we are working on is designed to be secure and safe for your peace of mind.


IPFS file storage

This system allows you to view or host most valuable content. It is built around a decentralized system of users who hold portion of data.

Our blockchain is fast

Caelum network is capable of sending enormous number of transactions in seconds. It gives us a great flexibility for future development.

150 Masternodes

Staking system on our network ensures that only the best masternodes are included.
These are incentivised to stay the best they can be.

Caelum Roadmap

24 September 2018

Caelum first contract was deployed

That day first ever Caelum block was minted and community Telegram group was made public.

February 2019

Caelum announces migration to its own blockchain

Caelum announces future plans and development. this is connected to migration onto Tomochain based network.

August 2019

Caelum migrates to new blockchain

Caelum launches mainnet; a hybrid of Tomochain and POW for miners.
New website is launched.


IPFS Digital Inheritance

Milestone for Caelum. Our product is released.
Digital Inheritance solution.

Caelum News

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